My name is Bill Jackson, and I’m an SAT/ACT tutor and study skills specialist. I teach the critical content for both tests and make tutorial interesting so that students will be motivated to do the practice required. I’ve been teaching and tutoring for 17 years, and I love my job. I can help your student with all aspects of the SAT or ACT, and as a bonus help reduce stress significantly.

I’m a one-person shop. You will always get me on the phone, and you will always get me as your tutor. I teach one-on-one, online or in-person at Little Falls Library in Bethesda.

For more information or for a free consultation, call me at 301-229-2602 or email me. Or see testimonials and read my Tutor’s Blog.

Consider the idea, radical though it may be, that test prep can be fun.



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